With the world currently facing a global pandemic, there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty surrounding each one of us. With this fear and uncertainty comes another feeling, anxiety. I’ve always been a potentially anxious person. Now considering these dire circumstances, I don’t know what future holds for me. There’s a chance that all my […]

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The Delay

COVID-19. Seems like this is the only thing we hear or talk about these days. With half of the world being under lockdown, all of our lives have come to an abrupt stop. When the students were gearing up for college and the ‘almost’ graduates preparing for job interviews, now they’re clouded by an uncertain […]

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The Drift

To the Friend who is Drifting Apart, I remember those endless midnight conversations. I remember those emotional moments. I remember all those abrupt meetups. Yes, that place still reminds me of you. I avoid going there now. I want to avoid the sudden rush of memories that flood me whenever that song accidentally plays on […]

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This terrace has so many secrets to offer That often all I do is Find solace in the stars Bringing together so many memories together The wind consoles my tear stained face. This sky makes me remember you And your smile that made my heart clench And I think Whether you are worth this sadness […]

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A Letter to Myself

Dear Present Me, It’s been a while since you talked to yourself. You’ve been a bit of a mess lately. Don’t know what you’re doing at all, do you? Yeah, it’s okay. I thought it was time for a much awaited self talk. I know the pressure and stress is a lot and that you’ve […]

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Hey Dad. It’s Me.

Hey. This is weird. Me writing this here. This letter contains everything I ever wanted to say to you. So here goes: I know you love me fiercely, that you want to protect to me from all wrongs, but the thing is you can’t. You won’t always be there to protect me and you need […]

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